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Springs District Road Board (1864-1865)



  • Existence: 1864 - 1865


Established in 1864 the West Lincoln Road Board became the Lincoln Road Board in 1864 established in 1864 with the Canterbury Provincial Road Board Ordinance 1863. In 1911 the Lincoln Road Board amalgamated with the Templeton Road Board to become the The Paparua County Council, via the Selwyn County Subdivision Act 1910. The Paparua County Council in turn amalgamated with Christchurch City Council in 1989. With new legislation in 1968 the Paparua County Council areas of Sockburn and Hornby, were elevated to County Boroughs that sat within Paparua County Council and then went on to become District Community Councils in 1974, along with Halswell. They formed the Riccarton/Wigram Community Board that was established upon the 1989 amalgamation.

See also Halswell Domain Board, Prebbleton Domain Board.