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St Albans Borough Council (1881-1903)



  • Existence: 1881 - 1903


The St Albans Borough Council was formed in 1881 from the old Avon Road Board District. It covered the suburban areas of development which had taken place at what is now Merivale, and at Knightstown, both areas along the main northern arterial routes out of the city. By 1901 the St Albans Borough had a population of 6,607 and covered an area of 1,500 acres.

By the turn of the century increasing conflicts with the City Council over fire services, the Christchurch Domains Board, drainage and the city boundary had convinced a majority of St Albans residents that amalgamation with the city was desirable. In March 1903, along with the Linwood and Sydenham Borough Councils, the St Albans Borough Council amalgamated with the Christchurch City Council.